Adding Extra Sockets

As an absolute minimum, when reviewing your existing socket requirements or renovating a property, it makes sense to convert single sockets to double. Apart from the excavation of the extra size hole, this is a simple swap-in job.

You can also add sockets into a circuit but it's important that you completely understand electrical installations to avoid overloading a circuit. To do more than this may involve extra circuits going back to the distribution box (fuse box).

With the demands of modern living on an electrical supply, it could be short-sighted not to put at least half-a-dozen sockets in every major room, and more in areas like kitchens, living rooms and home offices.

Whether you would like us to change the front plate of your sockets to a funky modern design, or add electrical sockets to your existing installations NRT Home Electricians can help you. When adding additional sockets, we will take you through the options you have for your rooms taking into account the current and future use of the room into account.

Price: £ 65 - Call now on 01594 833224 or Cheltenham Electricians on 01452 898094

Our Terms & Conditions relating to this offer

We guarantee to install an additional single or double socket within your home for a guaranteed price of £65.00 The conditions of this product are that the socket is no more than 10 metres away from an existing and the cable run can be within the fabrics of the building or plastic white pvc mini-trunking. If the cable is required to chased in flush an additional charge will be incurred. Furthermore the existing fuseboard will need to have spare capacity should we not be able to spur off the existing ring main and RCD / RCBO protection is already in-situ.

Replacing or Adding Indoor Lighting

Lighting can be used to enhance the comfort and use of your home. Are you looking to replace old light fittings with new modern lights, or maybe you are looking to add lighting in a particular room or rooms whether they be down lighters, spot lights or wall lights? Perhaps you are converting the loft and need to plan and install lighting, or maybe you are building an extension.

An understanding of wiring rules and regulations together with how circuits fit together is required to make such changes. If you add a large number of extra lights (i.e. wall lights or spot lights), whilst only removing a single light (i.e. a ceiling light) it may mean adding further circuits to the lighting system and maybe even a larger fuse box.

Our Gloucester Electricians will discuss your requirements and options with you. We will take you from room to room if necessary and take into account your current and future use of the rooms.

We will provide you with a free no obligation quotation and complete all necessary lighting installations with full certification.

A note on Back Boxes

Be aware that some switches and sockets plate may require back boxes deeper than the standard 28mm inset into the walls. Dimmer switches can help create atmosphere but note that they too often require deeper back boxes (up to 35mm) to take the components behind the switch plate. If you are rewiring it might be worth considering installing deep back boxes all over so that you can accommodate any plate style in any room.

Switch Choices

When designing your new lighting system, put as many switches in as you can. If you are putting ceiling spot lights all over a kitchen, for example, you will want to be able to switch on lights on and off in different areas rather than having only two options, all on and all off.

It is also considering switches and fittings in different styles and colour's to match your new home design. You will find coloured plastics, metal finishes and even leather ones are available and in different shapes, oval, round and wavy.

Our Gloucester Electricians and Cheltenham Electricians have the experience and knowledge to assisting you in choosing the best option for you to meet your current and future electrical needs, circuit capacity, additional sockets and install all your lighting needs.