Transform your home into a smart home with our range of LightwaveRF products designed for home automation  

LightwaveRF is a range of intelligent dimmers, radiator valves, sockets and sensors that are just that little bit smarter. While they look and work just like ordinary dimmers, valves or sockets, they will change the way you control your heating, lighting and power in your home forever. Lightwave means that a smarter home is now within everyone's reach. Automated lighting and heating can cost thousands of pounds and usually involves major wiring and renovation work. All Lightwave products come with a 2 year warranty.

Local Electric Ltd offers a Home Automation Service For The Elderly starting from the automation of just one light or socket, to the full home automation which can control all aspects of a home electrical system, including opening and closing or external or internal doors.

This range of products are particularly beneficial to the elderly or the infirm. Using up to date technology it is now possible to control all aspects of home electrics from your armchair or bed. We are able to install systems into houses so that you can turn any light on and off, or socket for that matter from anywhere in the world using an iphone or android phone or ipad or similar android devices.

This retrofitting can be done easily and without any major disruption to the home and without the need for extensive rewiring.

What is possible

Below we have a small list of items that can be controlled from a remote source.

  • switch on all lights in the house
  • switch on individual lights in the house such as outside lights
  • turn off the TV that you have left on
  • close the curtains in the living room
  • turn the heating on from your place or work
  • open the from door from your bedroom
  • close the front door from your bedroom

The above scenarios give you a small flavour of what automating your home can do for you.

View of iphone APP

With the Lighwave range you can now also control all aspects of your home heating turning individual radiators on and off at certain times all from a remote location as well as at home.

                                                                                                                Total Heating Control