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In need of a House Rewire ?

Does your cable look like this? if so you need a house rewire

If your house needs rewiring then we can provide very competitive quotes for you in order that it can be done as cleanly and efficiently as possible. We specialise in Gloucester house rewires and also Cheltenham house rewires. 

A house rewire is a major job, but if the wiring in your house is old or inadequate, a house rewire would be an urgent safety matter.

The first thing to check is the colour of the cables - if you find black coloured cables entering the consumer unit, this is an immediate sign that the wiring needs checking. Modern electrical cables are either grey or white and are insulated by a coating of PVC - the old black cables were insulated with rubber, which perishes and decays with age.

Black, rubber coated wires could be up to 40 years old, and over the time the deterioration allows the conductors inside the cable to meet. This will manifest itself as a blown fuse (short circuit), but if you replace the fuse it will simply blow again and there is a real danger that the cable will catch fire. The only solution is to replace the wiring.

Some things to look out for are:

Does you consumer unit have replaceable fuse wires?
Do any of your sockets or plugs heat up fast or have burn marks?
Do your fuses trip regularly?
Do you need to use plug adapters or extensions?
Do your lights use old, twisted flex?
Is your flexing rubber coated?
Are you plugs and sockets rounded?
Do you have earth cables in your lighting and are they connected?
Over the last 10 years, have you had your wiring checked?
Do you have an earth cable on your gas meter and water stop tap (if so is it 10mm sq).
Metal conduit running to the sockets or lights or, round pin plugs


An inadequate consumer unit.

Modern houses place a much higher demand on the electrical system than in years past, so if you have antiquated wiring it is an accident waiting to happen.

Even if the safety issues aren't enough to persuade you, you will have to get your electrics updated before you sell your house - a basic inspection will reveal inadequate or defective electrics, and no mortgage lender will lend money on a house that could burn down in the near future!

If you have concerns that your electrical system is either inadequate of too old, it is essential to get a qualified electrician to look at it. This is not a job for an optimistic amateur. Indeed, with the government's new IEE Wiring regulations in place, there are strict limits to the work that you can do yourself.

What we offer.

Full and partial house rewire.

Our electricians are all qualified to inspect and test your premises. We undertake full house rewires and partial upgrades. If you would like to call us and book an appointment we can send one of our electricians round to give you a free quote. When we visit your property we will discuss in detail your exact requirements and discuss the process of how we will conduct the installation on your property. We would work with you to create a blue print for your electrical requirements designing the installation to suit your needs

Electrical testing with NAPIT certification.

All of our house rewires come with full NICEIC certification. We are fully certified member of the NICEIC and are qualified PART P installers.

10 year guarantee on all house rewires.

We offer a ten year guarantee on all the full house rewires we do, unfortunately we can not offer such a long guarantee on partial installations.

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